Our Company

The company masazeprofirmy.cz specializes in massages and exercises for employees directly on the company premises.

By combining our high-quality services, through which we ensure healthy backs and well-being for your employees during their work activities, and by utilizing natural means, we create an excellent experience of the procedure.

We specialize particularly in health and regenerative massages, which support the prevention of carpal tunnel syndrome, migraines, neck pain, and enhance the employees' performance.

Furthermore, we also offer an exercise program for healthy backs, which includes rehabilitative, mobilization, and strengthening exercises. Thanks to this program, your employees will no longer complain about unpleasant back pain.

Our team

We have a professional and educated team that focuses on musculoskeletal issues and regularly undergoes training in their field.

We are capable of providing relief from pain not only through massages but also through mobilization techniques for the cervical spine, lower back, shoulders, and hips, which we complement with various taping techniques.

Our staff will undoubtedly bring good vibes and a lot of positive energy to your company.

We exclusively use Czech natural products, Tomfit from the reputable company Saela s.r.o., and we source the highest quality materials for our work from the Fabulo.cz e-shop. The management of our reservation system is handled by Reservanto s.r.o.

Masseur Tadeáš

He graduated from a massage school in Prague, specializing in reconditioning and sports massage for a duration of 4 years.

Tadeáš is a kind, willing, and empathetic masseur, who can perfectly help with back pain and joint stiffness.

He holds a certificate as a masseur in the healthcare sector, allowing him to bring extensive experience in health massages.

Tadeáš completed his professional internship in well-known medical and physiotherapy centers such as OK Rehabilitace Praha – Prosek, FN Motol, and Fyzioklinika Chodov. He also worked with the junior A team of women at Sparta.

Masseur Thomas

He graduated from a massage school in Prague, specializing in reconditioning and sports massage for a period of 4 years.

A physically fit masseur, who can handle musculoskeletal issues and guaranteedly help with both physical and mental fatigue.

Thanks to his pleasant demeanor and appropriately chosen individual techniques, they will find clients of all ages. 

Thomas completed his professional internship at the Fyzioklinika in Chodov, in a rehabilitation facility at Zahradní město, and at a senior complex in Vysočany.

Masseur Karel

He graduated from the Massage School in Prague, specializing in sports and rehabilitation massage, for a period of 4 years.

Additionally, he successfully completed a course in healthcare massage.

Karel is an attentive and precise masseur, capable of assisting with almost any issue. Thanks to his exceptional knowledge, he can perfectly identify the source of a problem and, using appropriate techniques, alleviate all disbalances.

Among the most significant workplaces he has been involved with are C.L.P.A. Vysočany, the Motol Rehabilitation Center, and also the REHABE s.r.o. rehabilitation center in Benátky nad Jizerou.