Give your employees a benefit that makes sense! 

According to a survey we conducted ourselves, 97.6% of employees would like massages as a benefit. In addition, 

Be a better employer and give your employees a benefit that is unusual and guaranteed to increase the interest of candidates when choosing a job position. 

How does the collaboration work? 

We will arrive directly at your company on the agreed days. Employees can order a massage themselves using the reservation system, which we provide free of charge. Employees can choose from two types of massage and we adapt the massage according to their needs. In the case of long-term cooperation, we leave all the material in your company, which we continuously supplement. After the end of the massages, we clean up all the equipment so that it does not hinder the performance of other work. Used laundry will be collected by a contracted dry cleaner. So we take care of everything you need!

What will we need from you? 

Reserve a room where there will be enough space to spread out the massage table and give our masseurs access to a toilet and a room with a sink to allow them to follow the principles of hygiene

If it is not possible to reserve a room for massages, we can provide screens and massages can also take place in open space offices without employees losing their sense of privacy and comfort during the massage. 

How to choose a suitable collaboration variant? 

It is necessary to establish the number of employees and determine the frequency of massages you would like to introduce. However, we recommend option B, from our range of services, with a frequency of visits twice a month. 

If none of our recommended variants suit you, we are able to create an individual package according to your needs. We will therefore be happy to advise you on the cooperation option during a personal meeting or by email.